PhD in Uphill Running

Danny Longman

Dear Athletes,

I would like to invite you to take part in a study into the effect of leg proportion on fell-running ability.

Who am I?

My name is Danny Longman and I'm a PhD student at the University of Cambridge. I'm investigating the ways in which our legs have developed throughout the course of human evolution. It is believed that adaptation to mountainous terrain may have played a part in leg development, so fell running ability is of particular interest. Your participation would really help me with my studies, and contribute to the academic field. I would be more than happy to share the results of the study with you once they have been analysed.

What would participation involve?

Participation would involve two things.


You would complete a written survey of ten quick multiple choice questions, which would take about 2 minutes to answer. These questions can be answered on the following link:


I will take a few measurements from you on race day. These measurements are:

  • total height;
  • sitting height;
  • lower leg length; and
  • weight
This would take about 4 minutes. I will be attending several races, so if I have measured you at a previous race there is no need to come to be measured a second time. If you forget to answer the online questionnaire, you can do so on paper on race day.

Additional information

The results will be used within academia only, and may be presented at conferences or published in academic journals. The project has received ethical approval from the Human Biology Research Ethics Committee of the University of Cambridge. Controls will be in place to ensure protection and confidentiality of your data. If you cannot complete the online survey for whatever reason, you can still participate on race day by completing a quick form instead of the online survey.

Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

Thanks for your time,

Danny Longman


mobile: 07773 314 914